Build a website with minimal resources and maximal PageSpeed Score

Building a website with 100% PageSpeed score is not easy if you don’t have this in mind since the beginning. Since you start putting down the main ideas about the future project the mind should stay awake on how to keep the website tiny and quick. All parties involved into the process – manager, designer, web developer, SEO manager etc.  should be aware and should complete their part having in mind just one thing, and this is – Get the highest PageSpeed Score.

During the designing and developing process it’s easy to forget about page speed and to focus more on how we would like to look the website ignoring the speed part at all. Actually this is what almost all people are doing.

Avoid using too many images and plugins

Some reasons leading the companies to build slow and under performed website are:

  • Using too many images No matter how much we improve the images, which is too many is too many.
  • Plugins, as many plugins as possible – Do you need an image with rounded corners? No problem, there is a plugin for that. How about a table or an YouTube video? You’ll find a plugin for that for sure. Using too many plugins for unnecessary things decrease the website performance.
  • Cheap servers – Spending money on a good server is crucial. And in our days is not even too expensive to use a good server. Avoid using Shared Hosting or free options.
  • I don’t need a web develop while there are page builders – That’s true, but it’s really hard or even impossible to create a personalized website with a great PageSpeed score without collaborating with a good web developer or web development company.

The perfect server pack

Remember, we are trying to build a website with minimal resources and maximal PageSpeed Score. For this purpose we picked a list of technical solutions which all together create a perfect solution for our goal.

The goal Building an website for a small company using minimal resources and getting maximal PageSpeed Score.

Hosting – Linode Shared CPU. For a small website a 4 GB plan should be enough, the price: up to $20 per month.

CMS – WordPress, not .com, but .org. Why WordPress, why not any other CMS? I’ve heard WordPress is slow and outdated. – Well, that’s not true, it’s a myth. is still the best free solution for a small website and even for middle range websites. Not WordPress makes your website slow but how you build it – using too many plugins, wrong themes and so on.

Control Panel – It’s not difficult to pick one because it has to be CyberPanel. CyberPanel is a free and tiny control panel which is not pumped with a lot of unnecessary modules which just eat a lot of server memory and CPU. There are other solutions but for other needs, for a small website we need a small control panel. CyberPanel is the one. Besides that it’s already integrated with LiteSpeed.

Web Server – LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed has two versions, one free and another premium, for our purpose the free one is just enough. No need to use the premium version unless you need to build a really big website. Besides that it’s easy to integrate it with WordPress because there is an official plugin for that – That’s right, sometimes we must use plugins, this one for sure.

Email Server – Being a small company doesn’t mean you don’t need a personalized email. We recommend avoiding keeping the website and email on the same hosting company because you’ll have to deal with spam protection, attacks and this just needs too much time and resources. For this purpose we recommend Google Workspace, it’s just $6 per mailbox and it offers a lot of other features. Keeping the email apart is crucial.

The recommended list is not enough, you should contract a good developer to set up this list and to make sure all are working good together. You can install LiteSpeed but useless if you don’t configure it and so one. It can be a developer a web development agency lie Get Innovation Dev or even you if you know what you are doing.

The perfect server pack


Keep in mind, if you want a performed website don’t use too many features just because are free or other people are using them. The pack recommended in this articles works but you are not sticky to it, use other web server if you feel so but we aware not to use features which you don’t really need because instead helping you they’ll just harm your website.

Looking for someone to implement this pack for you?


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