Back in stock notifications for WooCommerce - Documentation


Back in stock notifications for WooCommerce it’s WordPress plugin which extends WooCommerce by adding a Subscribe button to out of stock products.
The button opens a modal form which can be used to subscribe for Back In stock email notifications.
When the product is back in stock the plugin sends a personalized email to subscribers.
It also comes with a settings panel for shop administrator which allows them to fully customize the plugin, for example:
  • Manage the button colors
  • Personalize the modal/form
  • Personalize the emails body
  • Set up the mode: automatically / manually – each one has his advantages.


Besides that Back in stock notifications for WooCommerce comes with some usefully tools, like:

  • Filter, generate and export subscribers in CSV format
  • View subscribers by product
  • Check each notification status
  • Pause specific products for sending notifications


  1. Login into your account
  2. Go to, identify the plugin, click on “Download” and then “Installable WordPress file only
  3. This action should download into your computer a file named “
  4. Go to (replace with your domain).
  5. Upload the previously downloaded ZIP file. OR – Unzip the file and upload the folder ‘woo-stock-notify-me‘ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory using an FTP client.
  6. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  7. Visit the setting page and follow the instructions


A subscription contains:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Status (Sent, Waiting, Paused)
  • Product (Simple or Variable)


A subscription can not be duplicated. If someone with the same email tries to subscribe to the same products, then the tool shows an warning message.


  • The subscriptions can be filtered by product
  • The subscriptions can be exported in CSV format.


Email Templates

Confirmation Email:

The confirmation email is sent when a new subscription is successfully added. It can be enabled or disabled, by default is enabled. It accepts merge tags.

Back in stock notification Email:

This email is sent when the product is back in stock to let the subscriber know about new stock availability. It accepts merge tags.

Merge Tags:

  • [wsnm-first-name] – The subscription’s first name.
  • [wsnm-last-name] – The subscription’s last name.
  • [wsnm-email] – The subscription’s email address.
  • [wsnm-product-title] – The product title. If it’s a variation, then it also contains the variation name.
  • [wsnm-product-price] – The product price, it also contains the currency.
  • [wsnm-product-quantity] – The available quantity in stock. If the quantity is not managed, then it returns the string “unlimited“.
  • [wsnm-product-url] – The product’s URL. If it’s a variation, the variation is automatically selected.


apply_filters('wsnm-modal-form-button', __('Subscribe', 'wsnm'));

Can be used to change the Modal's Subscribe button text.

apply_filters('wsnm-modal-title', __('Subscribe', 'wsnm'));

Can be used to change the Modal's header text.

apply_filters('wsnm-text-cta', __('Subscribe', 'wsnm'));

Can be used to change the subscribe button text.