New WordPress Plugin – Back in stock notifications for WooCommerce

We are proudly announcing you about our newest WordPress Plugin – Back in stock notifications for Woo Commerce which has been submited and approved on the official plugin directory –

We developed the back in stock notifications WordPress plugin because couldn’t find anything working like this for free. Out there are other similar solutions but with a big gap – they do not offer the functionality our plugins does – manually and automatically functionality. After doing a lot of researches and discussions with many woo commerce store owners we found out that the owners are divided in two parts:

  • those who want a plugin to work for them without touching it too often – the automatically mode.
  • and those who want to have full control over the plugin and when it sends the notifications – the manually mode.
Manually vs. Automatically

That’s is a big difference, how cool is to have a plugin doing all these for free and even more?! Continue reading to find out the main functionalities and all the opportunities which Back in  stock notifications for Woo Commerce reveals.

Back in stock notifications features

Along with everything listed above the Back in stock notifications for woo commerce comes with a lot more functionalities. We’ll try to take the main functionalities and analyze in part.

Migrate Subscribers - CSV

So you have an woo commerce store. Visitors sign up for back in stock notifications, when the product is back in stock the plugin sends those notifications and now what? Is that all? Can’t we re-target these people using Google ads or send a follow-up email using HubSpot, MailChimp or other tool?

Say no more because this plugin allows you doing that by generating subscribers in a CSV format which can be used to import the subscriptions in third-party tools. And it’s easy, just filter the subscribers by products, select how many you want to export and using the export functionality you can export a list along with all necessary details: the subscribers names, email, product and status. Isn’t that interesting?!

Full control with MERGE TAGS

The back in stock notifications for woo commerce plugin sends two emails:

  • Confirmation Email
  • Back in stock notifications email

The confirmations email is optional and is sent when someone subscribes. Although being optional we recommend keeping this email enabled because it does one extremely important job – it keeps your potential customers engaged and confirm their subscription.

The back in stock notification is sent when the product is back in stock, no matter what mode is enabled – automatically or manually, this email notification is sent. It informs the possible customer about the availability of the product they looked for.

Both these emails are manageable and can be personalized with MERGE TAGS. The merge tags can be inserted into the email body and they are:

  • [wsnm-first-name] – The subscription’s first name.
  • [wsnm-last-name] – The subscription’s last name.
  • [wsnm-email] – The subscription’s email address.
  • [wsnm-product-title] – The product title. If it’s a variation, then it also contains the variation name.
  • [wsnm-product-price] – The product price, it also contains the currency.
  • [wsnm-product-quantity] – The available quantity in stock. If the quantity is not managed, then it returns the string ‘unlimited’.
  • [wsnm-product-url] – The product’s URL. If it’s a variation, the variation is automatically selected.


Spam - Ohh no, again?

Nope, no more spam because out of stock notifications for woocommerce is integrated with reCAPTCHA. You just need to generate and insert your reCAPTCHA key and the plugin does the rest, it keep you safe for unwanted bots and false positive subscriptions. 

Having troubles to set up reCAPTCHA?

More features

Main Features

And there are more, from being able to pause specific products until managing the front-end subscription form. Set up your brand colors transforming the buttons to fit your website design. Find the notification status and get instructions along the journey. Manage the email subject not only the body and use the same MERGE TAGS, they are working for subject as well.

We invite you to explore the plugin and the opportunities. If you own an woocommerce store install our plugin to sell more.


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